Thursday, June 25, 2015

Cheap Abuja Hotels - A review of Laropa Hotel, Gwarinpa

When searching for quality budget hotels to stay in Abuja it’s always advisable to look towards the outskirts of the city rather than the city center itself, this is because the city has the most expensive accommodation at the center itself (Maitama, Asokoro, Wuse 2, Garki, Wuse district, Utako, Jabi etc) and the rates decrease progressively as you drift away towards the outskirts in particular places like Gwarinpa.

The number of affordable budget hotels in Gwarinpa when compared to the rest of the city center is quite high and they offer competitive quality service despite not being as patronized as their counterparts in the city center. However, be warned there are budget  hotels and there are budget hotels even within Gwarinpa, what makes the difference between them is what they have to offer and here are a few tips to look out for when choosing one;

Kind of Customers they attract
What kind of customers would troop into one of these hotels? I bet the last thing a family visiting Abuja would want is a hotel with a noisy and very rowdy bar and customers who have little or no respect for other guests. Let’s not get our imaginations wild but some guests can be really nasty but with the right management in place such guests are unwelcome in certain well run hotels within Abuja. So do well to check out what kind of guests you may likely be running into.

Room Rates
How much do you have to pay to get a quality room that is cozy, homely and relaxing?  Do you wish to feel at home when away from home? If you have to pay so much to enjoy standard rooms you visit may very well not be worth it. 

Added Services
Some hotels are only good at offering the required minimum service to its guests with nothing further to show for it. For them as long as they’ve provided you with a room and room service to go  with it they’re done with you, however some added services should also come along with lodging such as free wi-fi, occasional discounts for weekend stay and so on. You would be surprised at how rare some of these services can be with many Hotels in Gwarinpa. 

Hotel Environment
Does the hotel environment offer a worthwhile stay? Take for instance serene environment, cool hotel ambiance, sports friendly bar, secure environment, exclusive and quiet neighbourhood to name a few. What can be worse than the noise from flowing traffic due to location of a hotel next to a busy road when you really want is a good night rest or a quiet environment to read or reflect.

Thankfully one very affordable hotel in Gwarinpa meets all these requirements and offers more including excellent Hotel-Airport shuttle service, that hotel is which is house 54 on road 21, off 2nd avenue in Gwarinpa.

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